Here are four posts I particularly liked in February:

Nature Valentine Photographs. I love Amy (of Let’s Explore)’s creativity and the way she focuses on and embellishes simple but important aspects of life with her kids. This is perhaps the best kid-friendly project I saw this Valentine’s day online. Perhaps next year we’ll follow suit.

Establishing a Family Service Night. Lindsay of Passionate Homemaking is onto something here, and she’s got a great starting list for ways that families with young kids can proactively serve others in doable ways. I’d love for our crew to take on several of the ideas she poses this year.

--Seven Things that God Hates and You Should Too. The Proverbs are a fantastic place to get kids involved in figuring and hashing out Biblical principles, and we parents can get them engaged in this from a young age. Pam of Doorposts does a thorough job of tackling concepts related to the “7 things God hates” from Proverbs 6:16-19 at a kid-friendly level.

Preparing Teens for Life. Mary from Owlhaven, mother of ten, had each of her teens to shop and cook for him/herself on $20 for one week. Brilliant idea, and I love the follow-up posts she had each of her children write about their experiences. Great ideas on empowering kids to become self-sufficient at a young age (and to learn frugality and kitchen-skills lessons at the same time)! As I’ve read her kids’ recount their experiences, I’ve begun thinking about what skills I want to continually add to my children’s repertoire so that this would be a feasible exercise for them by the time they’re teens.



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